It seems that many companies around the world, particularly American ones, have become so paranoid that you can easily be dubbed
 a "terrorist"  or at least a financier of one. We are living in a police world. If you simply want to make small transactions to countries like Egypt and India you must be financing terrorism, or be a terrorist, seems to be the thinking. But how would you know? It is legal not to provide you with an answer, evidently (see letter below). With an attitude like that it is not surprising that this world is such a mess. As one person commented, companies often have poor intelligence or a poor online algorithm.

I found out, after many attempts of sending money that I am a "persona non grata". Perhaps this applies to anyone who has lived, or is living, in the Middle East.  I have tried to make a transaction with Western Union that I have made every week for the last six months. Western Union no longer allows me to do this because the transaction is too large, supposedly - NZD 75 or USD 52.60. I have also tried to make a transaction to India and I cannot, for the same reason. I cannot be given a reason why the transactions are not accepted.

Perhaps I have been identified as a terrorist? Obviously, financial services companies have a lot to learn. As one person commented, companies often have poor intelligence or a poor online algorithm.

Here is Western Union's response to my complaint.

Dear Lucia Claire Dore,

We are writing in response to the complaint received from you dated September 22, 2021, that was referred to our corporate headquarters. In your complaint, you indicate that your transactions are being declined without a reason. You would like to obtain the reason your transactions have been declined and to have your ability to transact restored.

Western Union has completed its investigation into your concerns. Our records indicate that on September 22nd and 25th, you attempted to send transactions from New Zealand to Egypt and India and the transactions were declined. On September 22nd, we advised you that the transaction you initiated via MTCN: XXX-XXX-6901 had been declined and a refund would be delivered to your bank account within 7 business days.

Please be advised that we are unable to share the reason why the money transfers were declined. The decision to decline was based on Western Union policy related to our legal obligations. Western Union reviews all money transfers separately, and a previous decision to approve or decline a money transfer does not necessarily result in a decision to approve or decline the use of Western Union's products or services in the future. Please refer to Western Union's Terms and Conditions at www.wu.com for more information.

At this time, you may reattempt to send a new transaction; however, please note that it will be reviewed in accordance to the aforementioned legal regulations.

Western Union has concluded its investigation; however, if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this resolution, please contact our Corporate Headquarters at 720-332-1000, and provide the Western Union Reference #: 136798989. You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Saturday, 30 September 2023