The Arab world is on the way up and is playing a prominent role internationally

Qatar held the Fifa World Cup 2022 (Photo by Shutterstock)

The influence of the Arab world is on the rise globally. In this article Ahmad Abdel-Rahman discusses some of the issues that must be considered.

At the international level, Arabia is becoming more important. This started with Egypt's hosting of the Climate Conference (COP-27), where there were painstaking negotiations between the countries of the North and the countries of the South that suffer from desertification, poverty and disease. Qatar also successfully organised the FIFA World Cup. Saudi Arabia also hosted the Gulf-Chinese and Arab-Chinese summits, and there was the Afro-American summit in Washington.

Some analysts see these events not only as the rise of Arabia, but the fact that the US is likely to become less dominant in the region in the future. The same analysts also agree that US influence will not completely diminish, however.

The rise of the great powers

The current great powers only became great after wars and catastrophes. Among these major countries, for example, was West Germany, which was defeated in World War II but has worked diligently to achieve dominance in terms of technology, industry and economics. England's capital, London, was also badly damaged in this war, and France lived under the Nazi occupation.

The Arab region has also witnessed devastating wars and crises. As a result, many Arab countries have taken advantage of the opportunity to achieve justice and peace. However, in the longer term, an organised and integrated strategy across the Arab region, will be required. From the viewpoint of analysts it will also require the following:

- The encouragement of freedom of expression,، thought and creativity, especially among young scholars and thinkers who abound in the Arab world.

-All energies should be directed to creating a society that is based on social justice and fairness among citizens. This will require a reduction in consumption, especially luxury goods.

- More economic reform, and directing all available economic energies to creating productive, agricultural and industrial opportunities based on self-sufficiency.

- Reduced dependence on gas and oil, because there will come a day when alternative energy will come and take a large part of the production segment. Some studies indicate that clean energy (solar, wind and water) may replace oil and gas in the coming years.

- Finding a radical solution to food and energy policies in some countries in the region. More care is also required by many countries in the Arab world to look after the health of its citizens, and to encourage more education and training.

- Lifting some Arab countries such as Syria, Yemen, and Libya, from internal conflicts and ensuring that reforms are in place.

The League of Arab States must also take on the role of creating the new emerging regional powers. This goal can be achieved. This is because all countries in the Arab region can unite in terms of policy making. They can also exploit all the region's economic and political capabilities.

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